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Angi Fuller, Maintenance Director

Angi, our dedicated Maintenance Director, brings a fresh perspective to the horticulture industry. Despite being relatively new to this field, her journey has been punctuated by remarkable achievements.

Early in her career, Angi’s managerial skill and adaptability caught the attention of her employer. Starting in accounting, she worked her way through various departments, seamlessly transitioning from one role to the next. Her dedication and competence led to her being entrusted with greater responsibilities. After four years, she was invited to join the ownership team. 

After more than a decade Angi sold her corporate shares back to the company and returned home to refocus on her children and support her aging parents.  With children grown and her parents passed, her passion for making a difference drew her back into the professional world. She was recruited to be the general manager of a cabinet design and installation company in Florida, where she spearheaded efforts to improve company culture and manage client complaints.  In less than 40 days, she and her team resolved over 250 client issues and after six weeks, had greatly improved the sense of trust among her staff. 

Recently, Angi returned to Virginia to be closer to her family, including her sons and her first grandchild. Her role involves collaborating closely with crew members and implementing James Ulmer’s vision for maintenance. By doing so, she enables James to focus on strategic leadership, ensuring the company’s continued success.

Angi derives immense satisfaction from witnessing our crews excel and deliver exceptional service to our clients. A recent example highlights her commitment: When a department at Tech urgently needed landscape beds cleaned before an important ceremony, Angi’s team stepped in. Despite time constraints, they laid plywood over freshly washed sidewalks, ensuring a pristine appearance for the event, and mulched the entire ceremonial area.  The client’s delight was a testament to their dedication.

Beyond work, Angi enjoys a diverse range of activities. She plays racquetball, runs, sings, and studies nutrition. Her involvement in a women’s Bible study at her church and her mentoring efforts reflect her desire to make a positive impact beyond professional boundaries.