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Drainage Solutions

Proper drainage is essential for maintaining a healthy and beautiful landscape. Excess water can lead to various issues, such as soil erosion, plant diseases, and property damage. At Back to Nature, we offer a range of effective drainage solutions tailored to address different types of drainage problems. Our expert team can help you choose the right solution based on your landscape’s characteristics, specific drainage issues, and budget.

Popular Drainage Solutions

We provide several effective drainage solutions to manage excess water in your landscape:

1. French Drains

How They Work: French drains consist of a perforated pipe buried in a trench filled with gravel. They collect and redirect water away from problem areas to a designated drainage site.


  • Highly effective at managing surface and subsurface water.
  • Helps prevent water accumulation in low-lying areas.
  • Reduces soil erosion and protects plant roots.


  • Requires proper installation to ensure effectiveness.
  • Periodic maintenance needed to prevent clogs.

2. Catch Basins

How They Work: Catch basins are installed at low points in your landscape to collect and temporarily store excess water. They direct water into an underground drainage system, which then moves it away from your property.


  • Excellent for managing large volumes of water.
  • Helps prevent flooding in specific areas.
  • Can be combined with other drainage solutions for optimal results.


  • Regular maintenance required to remove debris and prevent blockages.
  • Installation costs vary based on landscape complexity.

3. Swales

How They Work: Swales are shallow, gently sloped ditches designed to redirect water away from your landscape. They are often lined with grass or other vegetation to slow down water flow and promote absorption.


  • Natural and aesthetically pleasing solution.
  • Reduces runoff and improves water infiltration.
  • Helps prevent soil erosion.


  • Requires sufficient space for effective implementation.
  • Maintenance needed to ensure proper water flow and vegetation health.

4. Grading

How It Works: Grading involves reshaping the land to create a slope that directs water away from your property. Proper grading ensures that water flows toward designated drainage areas rather than pooling in unwanted spots.


  • Long-term solution for effective water management.
  • Can be combined with other drainage solutions for comprehensive water control.
  • Enhances overall landscape aesthetics.


  • Requires professional assessment and execution for best results.
  • Initial cost may be higher, but provides long-term benefits.

Choosing the Right Drainage Solution

Selecting the appropriate drainage solution depends on several factors:

  • Landscape Characteristics: Assess the natural slope, soil type, and vegetation in your landscape to determine the most effective drainage solution.
  • Drainage Issues: Identify specific areas where water accumulates or causes problems, such as flooding, erosion, or plant health issues.
  • Budget: Consider your budget for both installation and ongoing maintenance when choosing a drainage solution.
  • Aesthetic Preferences: Some solutions, like swales and grading, can enhance the visual appeal of your landscape, while others, like French drains and catch basins, are more functional.

Our Comprehensive Drainage Services

We provide expert drainage services to ensure your landscape remains healthy and beautiful:

  1. Consultation and Assessment: Our team conducts a thorough assessment of your landscape to identify drainage issues and recommend the best solutions.
  2. Customized Design: We create a customized drainage plan tailored to your landscape’s unique characteristics and your specific needs.
  3. Professional Installation: Our experienced technicians ensure proper installation of your chosen drainage solution for optimal performance.
  4. Ongoing Maintenance: We offer maintenance services to keep your drainage systems functioning effectively and prevent future issues.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise: Our team has extensive experience in diagnosing and solving drainage problems in various landscapes.
  • Customized Solutions: We provide tailored solutions that address your specific drainage needs and preferences.
  • Quality Workmanship: We ensure high-quality installation and maintenance services to protect your landscape investment.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we work closely with you to achieve the best results.

Contact us today to learn more about our Drainage Solutions and how we can help you manage excess water and maintain a healthy, beautiful landscape in Blacksburg, VA.