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Residential & Commercial lawn & Landscaping Maintenance Services | new river valley: Radford, Christiansburg, and blacksburg, VA

Back to Nature Landscaping offers residential and commercial lawn and landscaping maintenance services to help you keep your space looking its best. Ranging from turf care to mowing to leaf cleanup, shrub care, and snow and ice removal, we offer regular, comprehensive maintenance services to care for your space – so you can focus on just enjoying it.

How it works

  • Schedule an on-site meeting or phone call with your account manager to discuss your unique needs.
  • Receive your maintenance package with an itemized list of all recommended services.
  • Simply check the services you want and sit back and watch the fruits of our labor transform your property.

Program Includes:

Mowing & Weed Detail

Regular mowing, edging and trimming by our skilled technicians will help make your lawn stand out. Feel at-ease knowing our crew will show up on time, work efficiently, and leave behind a great looking yard. Leave it to us to adjust your mowing height and timing due to seasonal changes or your turf application plan. Contact us today for a free mowing quote and learn how you can bundle this service with others.

Most of our mowing services include weed detail. Weeds in your beds can get out of hand in no time! We keep your beds weed-free all season long.


General Clean-up

Are your existing flower beds populated with more weeds than flowers? Are they overgrown? It can happen quickly! Let Back to Nature restore your beds to their original beauty. We can even redesign them completely if you want to update the look of your yard. Whether we refresh or reconstruct your flowerbeds, we’ll do so with the goal of minimizing the maintenance work you need to do to keep them looking great.

General Cleanup can includes, but is not limited to:

  • Removal of all leaves, sticks, debris, trash and existing weeds from beds and/or turf areas if specified.
  • Pruning of ornamental trees, perennials, and ground cover.


Spring Mulching improves moisture retention during periods of drought and reduces pressure from weeds. Spring Mulching is typically completed from late February to May. Fall Mulching benefits plants during winter months by stabilizing ground temperatures, improving moisture retention during periods of drought, and reducing pressure from weeds. Fall Mulching is typically completed from August-October.

Service includes:

  • Application of a pre-emergent herbicide to all mulch beds to help control weed seed germination for 2-3 months.
  • Creating a bed edge depth approximately 2-3″
    • Please contact your sales representative for a deeper edge to achieve a 3″+ bed edge so price adjustments can be made.
  • Application of double shredded hardwood mulch at a depth of approximately 1.5″ to previously mulched planting beds
  • Tamping along all turf and hard edges


Summer, Fall, Winter Pruning

It is recommended to have pruning services performed at least two times a year.

Summer pruning is intended to occur after new spring growth and will typically be completed from May-August.

Fall Pruning is intended to keep your plant’s attractive appearance and ensure they are ready for spring growth. Fall pruning will typically be completed from October-December.

Winter Pruning will be completed during the season from December – March and is based on proper horticultural practices.

Fall Cleanups and Leaf Removal

One of the main tasks during fall cleanup is leaf removal. Accumulated leaves can suffocate grass, create a breeding ground for pests and diseases, and hinder the growth of plants.

We’ll provide insights on different methods for leaf removal, such as raking, mulching, and using leaf blowers or vacuums.

We’ll also discuss the proper disposal of leaves, including composting or recycling them as mulch to nourish your landscape.

Snow & Ice Removal

We service both residential and commercial clients for snow and ice prevention and removal. When snow is in the forecast, our crews start early to apply salt and begin plowing for our many customers. Signing up for Snow and Ice Removal means peace-of-mind all winter long!

Maintenance schedule

Our maintenance services follow a regular schedule to ensure your space remains well cared for and property maintained, according to best practices in horticulture. The following maintenance schedule serve as a guide to inform your continued lawn care needs. We work closely with our customers to schedule regular maintenance activities to ensure their space always looks its best.