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Mike Ferris, Team Leader

After almost 20 years in civil construction, operating heavy equipment and building subdivisions, parking lots and more, Mike decided it was time for a change and moved into hardscaping. 

In order to learn the skills needed for hardscape projects, he took ICPI, MCMH and other coursework, and was mentored by some veterans in the field. He has come to particularly enjoy complex projects with lots of different elements, citing that it’s nice to see your work on a large scale.

While he enjoys building walls and patios, it’s the prep work that is his favorite part.  “The prep work is where the magic happens, if your prep’s not good, your jobs not good.” He also likes making client’s outdoor spaces more useful and enjoyable, so that clients can enjoy the outside of their homes as much as the inside.

Each job comes with its own challenges, which he tries to approach in an orderly way, looking to others for help with problem solving when needed.

In his free time, Mike likes to travel with his fiance, they are both movie buffs, and he likes to make model cars.  He says the detail required in model car building helps him approach the details in his hardscape projects.