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Enhance your outdoor living space with a custom-built pergola from Back to Nature Landscaping. Pergolas not only add architectural interest but also provide a functional and stylish way to enjoy your outdoor environment. Discover the benefits, design options, and expert construction services we offer for pergolas in Blacksburg, VA.

Benefits of Pergolas

Aesthetic Appeal

  • Architectural Focal Point: Enhance your landscape with a structure that complements your home’s design.
  • Customizable: Choose from various styles, materials, and finishes to match your aesthetic preferences.

Shade and Comfort

  • Partial Shade: Enjoy a shaded area for relaxation, dining, or outdoor gatherings.
  • Open Air Feel: Maintain an airy and open atmosphere while providing protection from the sun.


  • Outdoor Living Space: Create an extension of your home for lounging, entertaining, or gardening.
  • Custom Features: Add lighting, curtains, or climbing plants for added ambiance and privacy.

Design Options for Pergolas

1. Traditional Pergola

  • Classic Design: Rectangular or square structure with evenly spaced rafters.
  • Materials: Cedar, redwood, or pressure-treated lumber for natural beauty and durability.

2. Modern Pergola

  • Sleek Lines: Minimalist design with clean lines and a contemporary aesthetic.
  • Metal Options: Aluminum or steel for a modern look with low maintenance requirements.

3. Attached or Freestanding

  • Attached Pergola: Extend from your home for seamless indoor-outdoor transition.
  • Freestanding Pergola: Stand-alone structure that can be placed anywhere in your yard.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise: Years of experience in designing and constructing high-quality pergolas.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Use premium materials and meticulous attention to detail.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Dedication to exceeding your expectations with exceptional service.

Transform your outdoor space with a beautifully crafted pergola by Back to Nature. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin enhancing your outdoor living experience in Blacksburg, VA.