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Robert Dalton, Shop Manager & Field Supervisor

As a boy, Robert helped his grandparents on their family farm, planting, tending the garden, taking care of blueberries and fruit trees, and chopping wood for the stove his grandmother cooked on. 

Working on a farm is good preparation for landscaping work, so when his brother-in-law suggested he work part time at a tree farm in high school, he took the job. 

From there, Robert has done about everything you can do at a landscaping company, and worked everywhere from here to Virginia Beach.  He even ran his own landscaping company successfully for over a decade. 

He can tell plenty of stories of past projects, and one such story involved building railroad tie retaining walls and steps at a lakeside property from the house down to the lake edge.

Because of the terrain, others thought it was too steep to be done.  But he was able to complete the project for his client, planting the stepped gardens with vines and plants to make it look as though it had been there for years. 

You can imagine that he would be a pretty handy person to have on your team in our industry – and he is.  Robert keeps all of our equipment running, maintains our vehicles, goes out to crews to help them with equipment and advice on tricky job issues, and keeps our shop stocked.  He calls it ‘firefighting’ – whenever there’s something that needs to be fixed, he’s the one called to get the job done. 

Working with the guys on the crews is the best part of his job – supporting them with whatever they need, repairs or advice.  Because of the many duties he has, he is careful to balance the sometimes conflicting priorities of his position.  

In his free time, he likes to relax with his wife, play with their dog, and spend time outside target shooting or working on his vehicles.  While tinkering with whatever needs fixing, he’ll often be listening to a documentary on anything from Roman history to sharks.